“How to Sustain a ‘Battle Ready’ Mindset with God, Grace & Grit” Mini-Course


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“How to Sustain a Powerful Battle Ready Mindset with God, Grace & Grit” is a short, yet SUPER POWERFUL course to introduce you to three sustainable mind transformations.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Where you’re currently finding your Worth and Identity

  • How to shift your Perspective to be Affirmed by God

  • Discover the STORY System and use it to change your Mindset and hold your thoughts Captive to Christ

  • BATTLE READY tools to put on the FULL Armour of God every day

  • A clear and powerful strategy to Believe that you are Already ENOUGH

  • How your thoughts affect everything you do and how to stand on the truth of Christ to live a powerful life

These transformations are exactly how I was able to change my life through the grace of God – I know you can use the same three concepts to step into new and amazing things too!

Check it out and get a taste of what is possible in your life!



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