Private One on One Coaching Packages

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When you hire Alana Palm as your private coach, you will:

~Experience coaching with someone who puts God at the CENTRE

~Increase your ability to get past the difficulties of life and honour God in the process

~Find your purpose and worth in Christ

~Become Battle Ready to fight against the enemy’s schemes at all times

~Take your Mindset to the NEXT LEVEL


What’s included:

~A set number of PRIVATE 1-hour Coaching Sessions

~WhatsApp Support from Alana Palm as needed between sessions

~Bonus of two guidebooks: “Confident Courageous & Christ-Centered Communication” and “The Transformational God-Focused Goal Setting Guide.”


What you will learn:

~Show up with Abundant CONFIDENCE in ALL Interactions

~Increase your Courage so you can FACE FEARS

~Experience FORWARD MOVEMENT in areas you’ve been held back

~Become EMPOWERED as you work through Difficulties and see your potential to THRIVE in ALL Circumstances

~Discover Your TRUE God-Given PURPOSE and live it!

~Find your authentic IDENTITY and WORTH so you can stop basing it on the WRONG things (i.e. what others say about you)


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