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Release the Pain from the Past, Love Yourself for who God Created You to Be, and Live Courageously into your God-given purpose.
Release the Pain from the Past, Love Yourself for who God Created You to Be, and Live Courageously into your God-given purpose.
The Set Free Academy Focuses on the 7 Main Principles of Being Set Free in Christ
Who are you? I mean who are you really? Most women would answer “a mother,” “a teacher,” “a stay-at-home mom” “a cook,” etc. You might be all of those things but that is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the true God-centre within you - who you have been created as a woman made In His image.

When we build our life on a firm foundation of Christ, everything can change. This foundation begins with your identity in him. Do you know your identity in Christ? Not just the scriptures say about that, but who you are deep down inside? Do you believe that you are who God says you are?

If you're not sure that you’ve built your life on a firm foundation of your identity in Him, this module will show you exactly who you are, and bring that knowledge from your head to your heart.
Have you struggled to know your true worth and value as a daughter of God? If so, this module will be powerful for you. The lessons will help you unpack your beliefs, specifically what is a lie and what is truth about you. You will begin to see that much of what you have believed your entire life could be untrue.

It will also help you focus on your worth in Christ, not what the world or other people say about you. You will be able to stand on who you are in Him and know your worth at a deep level. The way you live your life will transform based on this one thing - the value you BELIEVE you bring to the world through the gifts God has given you.
In this module you will focus on the first two commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and strength and love your neighbour as yourself.” Mark 12:30-31

We will unpack what it means to love God fully and how you can love yourself more from that place of having all the love you need inside you. Once you love yourself, it becomes much easier to love others with pure, agape love.

You will learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy love, what happens when you have experienced trauma in your life and how that impacts your ability to love, and how you can give love to others without needing anything in return. If you have felt a deep need for other people to love you, this module will help you see that you can have all the love you want in your life when you begin with God.
God designed us to be in relationship with one another, but how do we navigate relationships when they are difficult or when we don't feel like we're getting our needs met? In this module you will go through many aspects of relationships including how to have genuine relationships, how you can foster health and deep connection into your relationships and how to have difficult conversations.

You will go deeper into areas of the past where you have not yet forgiven, and learn how choosing to forgive will set you free. You will learn how to set healthy boundaries and communicate them in a loving and supportive way. You will also go through a process of healing trauma from the past and getting out of any trauma cycle that is still presenting itself, such as insecure attachment styles, people pleasing and the fear of love.

This is a deep module and when you have completed it, your relationships can be completely transformed into what you've always wanted.
You will encounter difficult circumstances in your life - in fact, Jesus promises it (John 16:33). He also promises that He has overcome the world (and you are an overcomer in him!)

So what do you do when your circumstances are so difficult that you don't know how to navigate and overcome them? What do you do when the storms are blowing all around you and all you can see are the wind and the waves?

In this module you will learn how to look to Jesus in the storm. You will begin to shift your perspective and see how God brings beauty from ashes and a message out of your mess. Many storms in our life are caused by our relationships and in this module you will begin to see why other people show up the way they do, and how you can support them in a loving Christ-centred way. You will learn tools and strategies to stay healthy when everything falls apart, and how to move forward in life in a situation where you don't feel like you will ever have closure.

This module is powerful for any woman who wants to learn how she can better navigate the storms of life, and move through them in the most peaceful and loving way possible.
I believe everyone was born with a purpose. God designed you uniquely and with special gifts, which nobody possesses quite like you do. God designed you to use those gifts in a way that would honour Him and point people toward Him.

Do you know your purpose? Have you envisioned what you want for your life and wondered if it's something you can actually have? Do you know deep down inside that God has gifted you with certain qualities but you don't know how to use them?

In this module you will begin to learn what holds you back from truly stepping into your God-given purpose. You will learn the difference between your plan vs. God's plan, and how the words you speak affect the way your purpose manifests in this world.

You will go through a powerful exercise to discover what your God-given purpose actually is, and learn how to take the steps to realize it fully. This module will set you up with a lifelong knowing of why you are here and how to live out your purpose in a way that honours God.
One of the most difficult things any woman can do in this life is let go and let God. We often think we do this, but the truth is that we want to hold on to some semblance of control. The truth is, most of our stress and worry in life comes from wanting to control things at a subconscious level.

What if you could heal all those areas and completely let go of the way you think your life ‘should’ look? What would it feel like if you could completely surrender to God's greater plan?

In this module you will begin to learn about the difference between the physical metaphysical and spiritual realms. You will learn practical tools to shift into a place of surrender and release at any moment, thereby transforming your experience of stress and worry , to abundant peace and joy.
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